We don't chase awards.
We chase results.

Frövi "We appreciate the professionalism of Studio Aura, they have provided our business with excellent design capability for our latest catalogue, working to time and budget. They also project managed the printing and ensured a quality end result. Their work has contributed to recent positive customer feedback on the new catalogue, helping it to become one of the most used resources we offer. We can confidently recommend Studio Aura as a solid and reliable design agency, and experts in their field." H Booker - Marketing Manager
Perudo – General
Perudo "What Studio Aura has achieved in branding our company has been a significant breakthrough for us and greatly appreciated, and I’m hopeful that we can indeed revive and continue a marketing strategy in the New Year." E Graham - Strategist & Number Cruncher
Orthene – General
Orthene "Studio Aura is everything you expect from a leading marketing agency, they challenge your thoughts, inspire your ideas and help you to ‘see’ what is the best direction for your project. They have a skilled team, which expedite the jobs on hand efficiently! Studio Aura is more than just a design company, they help you to communicate your brand more effectively." V Evershed - Marketing Manager
Anglian Dental – BDIA
Anglian Dental "Thanks Studio Aura for all you did on our stand design for the BDIA showcase, Richard took the initiative to suggest a different scheme to what we were proceeding with as he didn’t feel the previous design did our space justice. The result was that we had a fantastic looking stand that really stood out and we had one of our most successful exhibitions ever!" L Welch - Marketing Manager
BA Systems – General
BA Systems "Exceptional understanding of customer needs, coupled with an excellent understanding of marketing psychology makes Studio Aura stand out from the crowd. They're a great, friendly team overflowing with sharp ideas, they produce great results with minimum input from us – and that’s why we’re using them for all our marketing. Studio Aura makes it easy – the less input we have, the better the results, and that’s why we’re here to stay." R Briston - Pre-construction Manager
Kinorigo – Chocolate gift
Kinorigo "I thought you might appreciate knowing that I have found working with your material extremely rewarding. The architects' response has been positive to say the very least. The combination of quality and luxury is irresistible. One architect admitted she knew she was influenced by the chocolate gift but there was nothing she could do and was putting us on the spec!" G Worsley - Marketing Director
Sekura – General
Sekura "For us, it’s not just the impact of collateral created by Studio Aura but your input into what we are trying to achieve here has been excellent, right from the first meeting we had last year. The reconstruction of our company name and everything attached to it, elevating the overall image, and the working to tight timelines in view of ensuring the name change has been seamless in our customers' eyes, has enabled a massive move forward for us, and has helped us immensely in defining our company vision. Many thanks again." C Napthine - Managing Partner
Kinorigo – General
Kinorigo "At first, Studio Aura’s service seemed expensive but ultimately has resulted in more turnover for us. They’ve helped get us noticed in a particularly competitive arena, through highly effective marketing and mailings, quality design and an attentive service. In fact, we've achieved a record turnover, and I have no doubt that this is largely due to Studio Aura’s professional approach and input." G Worsley - Marketing Director
Sapphire Balustrades – Portfolio book
Sapphire Balustrades "Just a quick note to express our thanks to you for your excellent work on our new portfolio book. We have just started using the book now with the exact desired effect. On the first occasion of using it, our client told us “you won this job on good quote presentation, good face to face presentation, good samples and good product literature.” Studio Aura's exceptional work has resulted in us securing this £132,000 project. Now that’s proof that your creative design works, and I’m sure this will be the first of many results." N Haughton - Marketing Manager
BA Systems – Book
BA Systems "The number of our prospects and customers who’ve commented on the quality of our new book is unbelievable – a real tribute to the team at Studio Aura. Any design company that produces literature that recoups 4x its cost within three months of its launch has to be worth their salt – and that’s what Studio Aura has achieved for us! In the words of a customer you weren’t the cheapest quote we had, but your literature was so much more professional that we gave you the order. Proof that even today, great marketing literature will still get you work!" R Briston - Pre-construction Manager
Signet – General
Signet "We’ve worked with Studio Aura for some time now. They understand our business and are prepared to take on our ideas – even if they’re not in-line with their own. Studio Aura never fails to impress with their new concepts and sketches, valuing skilled artistry over computer wizardry. And the quality of everything they do is always outstanding." R Lyon - Managing Partner
Maxwood – General
Maxwood "Studio Aura was referred to us as exceptionally good and easy to deal with – something we found from the moment we began working with them. They’re quick to respond to briefs, yet consistently produce unique concepts, robust marketing ‘themes’ and exceptional designs. With the help of the marketing material our sales have grown consistently year on year – even through the recession." R McMullan - Marketing Director
Borg & Overström – General
Borg & Overström "We’ve always found Studio Aura produces the most comprehensive package to meet our requirements, with their willingness to study a market and create innovative, penetrating marketing to lift us above the competition. The team effort is always effective and makes it a pleasure to work with project managers, designers, photographers, copywriters and print managers alike." R Gibbon - Marketing Co-ordinator
Colorminium – General
Colorminium "Recently, a client of ours agreed to pay us a considerably higher amount for our services than we had initially valued them. I think this is because we made a really good impression with the presentation that Studio Aura helped us create." K Mallinson - Managing Partner
Focus Washrooms – General
Focus Washrooms "The beauty of working with Studio Aura is that when you give them a project to work on, you know you’ll get top quality marketing that suits your corporate theme and trade – from the first proofs onwards. We recently tried an alternative but it was an uphill struggle, so our move away from Studio Aura did not prove economical." D Davis - Managing Partner
Anglian Dental – Exhibition
Anglian Dental "Thanks for all your work on the exhibition, it was an extremely successful event. We got about 41 glove orders totalling £45K (obviously these are a consumable product so there will be repeat orders as well), 250 glove enquiries, 15 surgery design equipment enquiries, including a couple of very big ones, and also managed to sign-off £150K's worth of equipment deals as a result of having a presence there. P.S. I forgot to say that we had another 350 people enter the 'guess the age' competition for the old dental chair!" L Welch - Marketing Manager
Accent – Website
Accent "We had a £20k order this week from somebody viewing our website, just one week after the new website went live. Thanks to the Studio Aura team!" W Rabey - Business Development
Frövi – Catalogue
Frövi "The catalogue looks stunning :) great job done." R Dunham - Marketing Director