Studio Aura and WP Engine partner up!

Studio Aura and WP Engine partner up!

Big news! Studio Aura is now in partnership with WP Engine – one of the largest hosts of WordPress sites in the world – to use them to host and maintain all of their websites. Currently it is estimated that WP Engine handles over 50 000 of the world’s most important WordPress instances.

Studio Aura is typically dealing with the level of client who requires the best hosting environment for their WordPress instance – one that takes security seriously and can scale according to the level of traffic it receives; so this partnership is fortuitous not only for Studio Aura but for their increasing client base as well.

As Studio Aura moves into London along with their existing client base from all over the UK, we look forward to hosting websites on a platform that is optimised solely for them:

  • WP Engine creates an environment with an in-country CDN and caching technology where WordPress sites, that are very heavy on pictures and other content, load faster; which is the optimum environment for SEO and user experience. It also helps with scalability – which is increasingly on our agendas as our type of client evolves.
  • WP Engine keeps their sites safe via SSL encryption, and they’ve also got added malware protection, as well as automated daily backups with one-click delivery.
  • A bonus is that WP Engine has support staff on hand 24/7 so that if we run into any anomalies, these are quickly and efficiently sorted out.

All of these features really help us to provide an expert service to our growing and demanding clients. If you are interested in increasing your SEO rankings, conversion rates, and site speed, learn more about WP Engine here. If you need help migrating your site, Studio Aura will do it for free!